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NI policing watchdog: No evidence over attack on Adams

A Northern Ireland policing watchdog has found no evidence the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) was involved in a loyalist gun attack on Gerry Adams 30 years ago.

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Watchdog: 'No evidence' police knew of attack on Adams

The Northern Ireland policing watchdog - speaking of a gun attack on Gerry Adams - said it "found no evidence that police knew of the attack beforehand".

We have talked to all the people involved in the events that day, including the perpetrators, the victims and the police.

We have examined all the available evidence, including forensic and sensitive intelligence material, and found no evidence that police knew of the attack beforehand.

– Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman Dr Michael Maguire

Mr Adams was shot on 14 March 1984, months after becoming president of Sinn Fein, a west Belfast MP who did not take his seat and a hate figure for loyalists angered by his failure to condemn IRA violence.

After his attempted murder, an off-duty Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) soldier who was driving in the city centre at the time chased the loyalist gunmen's car, the ombudsman said.

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