England need 'drastic overhauls' after World Cup exit

Joey Barton tweeted after Costa Rica's win against Italy knocked England out of the World Cup:


We can do a couple of things now. Either continue this painful race to the bottom of elite international football or make some...


...drastic overhauls and start to rebuild are national game. Hodgson and co have to be sacked, no other option.


Only problem is theres no credible candidates. A swerve lack of investment in grassroots, a shrinking pool if talent and a coaching void.

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Redknapp refuses to 'name names' in England duty row

Harry Redknapp has refused Steven Gerrard's demand to name and shame the ex-Tottenham stars the Premier League boss claims skipped England duty. He said: "I don't want to get into naming names because it wouldn't be fair to the players."