England qualify if all remaining results go their way

England could still qualify for the knockout stages if:

  • Italy beat Costa Rica on Friday
  • Italy beat Uruguay on Tuesday
  • England beat Costa Rica on Tuesday

England would still need a favourable goal difference from those results, but the group D table would then look like this:

  • Italy P3, W3, 9 pts
  • England P3, W1, 3 pts
  • Costa Rica P3, W1, 3 pts
  • Uruguay P3, W1, 3 pts

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Redknapp refuses to 'name names' in England duty row

Harry Redknapp has refused Steven Gerrard's demand to name and shame the ex-Tottenham stars the Premier League boss claims skipped England duty. He said: "I don't want to get into naming names because it wouldn't be fair to the players."