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Ian Wright flies home from Brazil after family burgled

Former England international and ITV soccer pundit Ian Wright has flown home from Brazil after his wife and children were burgled at knifepoint in London.

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Ian Wright robbers 'threatened to cut off wife's fingers'

The burglars who raided Ian Wright's north London home held a knife to his wife Nancy's throat and threatened to cut off her fingers, the former England international has said.

"They threatened to cut her fingers off and even threatened to do the same to the children, who were both upstairs and in their bedrooms," the ITV Sport analyst told The Sun.

He expressed relief that his two children did not witness he ordeal, saying: "Throughout it, Nancy was praying the children wouldn't wake up or come downstairs to see what was going on."

"It would have been devastating for them to see what was happening - we're both so relieved that didn't happen."

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