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Former minister David Blunkett to stand down from Parliament

Former home secretary David Blunkett is to stand down from Parliament at the next general election. Ed Miliband said Mr Blunkett had been a "huge asset" to Labour and will be "hugely missed".

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  1. Carl Dinnen

Blunkett warns Labour voters to support Miliband

Speaking to ITV News, David Blunkett has told those criticising Ed Miliband to "get off your bum, and get out there and campaign."

The veteran MP - who has announced he is standing down - said: "My message to people who are chipping away at Ed Miliband: forget the idea that someone else is going to step forward or there's going to be some kind of peremptory election. There isn't.

"So get off your bum and get out there and campaign. Not for any individual but for the values we espouse."

Mr Blunkett added that if Labour were to lose next year's election they could be out of power for a very long time.

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