England needs to 'be more clinical and take chances'

Wayne Rooney said England needs to play more "clinically" and take chances:


.@waynerooney: There should be pressure, we're playing for our country. We're out, but it's not through lack of trying.


.@waynerooney: It's tough to take and it's the first time we have gone out of a tournament after two games. We have to pick ourselves up


.@waynerooney: We have to learn from this, we need to be more clinical and take our chances.

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Redknapp refuses to 'name names' in England duty row

Harry Redknapp has refused Steven Gerrard's demand to name and shame the ex-Tottenham stars the Premier League boss claims skipped England duty. He said: "I don't want to get into naming names because it wouldn't be fair to the players."