Couple rescued after treading water for 14 hours

A couple who were forced to tread water for 14 hours after falling off their boat have been rescued.

Sean McGovern, 50, and Melissa Morris, 52, were spotted by two off-duty police detectives and a firefighter who were enjoying a fishing trip off the coast of Florida.

Sean McGovern and Melissa Morris were forced to tread water for 14 hours before being rescued. Credit: NBC News

The group originally thought they had seen fish or birds on the surface of the water, but soon identified the exhausted pair and quickly pulled them to safety.

The couple told their rescuers that they had fallen off their boat - which subsequently pulled away from them - in Key Largo 14 hours earlier and had since drifted 10 nautical miles.

Both were suffering from mild hypothermia and jellyfish sings at the time of their rescue, officials said.