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Campaign group demands 'sugar tax' to tackle obesity

The campaign group Action On Sugar has called on the Government to introduce a "sugar tax" to discourage consumption of sweetened soft drinks.

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Group outlines seven measures to reduce obesity

The seven measures called for are:

  • Reduce added sugars by 40% by 2020 by reformulating food
  • Cease all forms of targeted marketing of ultra-processed, unhealthy foods and drinks to children
  • Disassociate physical activity with obesity via banning junk food sports sponsorships
  • Limit the availability of ultra-processed foods and sweetened soft drinks as well as reducing portion size
  • Incentivise healthier food and discourage drinking of soft drinks by introducing a sugar tax
  • Remove responsibility for nutrition from the Department of Health and return it back to an independent agency
  • Reduce fat in ultra-processed foods, particularly saturated fat - 15% reduction by 2020

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