Kosovo Albanians clash with police in Mitrovica

Police stand with their shields near Kosovo Albanians protesting in the ethnically divided town of Mitrovica. Credit: Reuters/Hazir Reka

Kosovo Albanians burned cars and threw rocks at police in the ethnically-divided town of Mitrovica on Sunday and police responded with tear gas, Reuters have reported.

Police stand near a burning vehicle set on fire by Kosovo Albanians during a protest in Mitrovica. Credit: Reuters/Hazir Reka

Violence broke out during a protest by several hundred Albanians over the blockage of a bridge between the two sides of the town, a frequent flashpoint between Serbs and Albanians since Kosovo's 1998-99 war.

A car burns during the violence as police walk by. Credit: Reuters/Hazir Reka

The Kosovo police were supported by lines of Polish police, part of a European Union mission, and US soldiers of NATO's 5,000-strong peace force in the Balkan country, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008.