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Campaign group demands 'sugar tax' to tackle obesity

The campaign group Action On Sugar has called on the Government to introduce a "sugar tax" to discourage consumption of sweetened soft drinks.

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Obesity complications 'will cripple NHS' if unchecked

Action for Sugar's chairman, Professor Graham MacGregor, said:

Obesity in children leads to the premature development of cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attacks and heart failure, which are the commonest cause of death and disability in the UK.

Obesity predisposes to type II diabetes, which further increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and also, importantly, it can lead to severe complications, i.e. the commonest cause of blindness, renal dialysis and amputation of the lower limbs.

These complications are extremely expensive to manage, and will cripple the NHS if the increase in obesity and type II diabetes is not stopped immediately.

Obesity is preventable if the food environment is changed, yet the current policies are not working.

The UK requires the implementation of this coherent strategy, starting by setting incremental sugar reduction targets for soft drinks this summer.

No delays, no excuses.

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