Poll: Doctors, not politicians, should run NHS

David Cameron during a hospital visit in Manchester. Credit: John Giles/PA Archive

The majority of Brits think the NHS should be run without interference from politicians, according to a new poll.

A questionnaire of 2,000 people from across Britain shows that two in three believe the NHS should manage itself without the involvement of politicians, with only one in three saying Parliament should set targets for the health service.

Ed Miliband visiting a hospital in east London. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive

The survey by Ipsos Mori for the British Medical Association (BMA) also found that 73% of Brits believe political parties plan their policies to win votes, not to do what is best for the health service.

"The NHS remains one of the most politicised public services in the UK," the BMA's chairman Dr Mark Porter said.