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Rebekah Brooks 'vindicated' by hacking verdicts

Rebekah Brooks, speaking for the first time since she was cleared of phone hacking charges this week, has declared: "I am innocent of the crimes that I was charged with and I feel vindicated by the unanimous verdicts."

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Blunkett: Hacking victims 'became victims all over again'

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett has told ITV News the phone hacking victims whose cases were used as evidence at the high-profile trial had "become victims all over again".

Mr Blunkett, whose case was used at the Old Bailey, said: "I think the tragedy of what has happened is that 10 years on, those who were victims of criminality have been victims once again of the intrusion into their private lives.

"The material that's had to be used to obtain justice, and I'm very pleased that justice has been done in this particular case, it has been at a terrible price.

"The price has been... those private messages have been re-run in public and therefore they've become, if you like, victims all over again."

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