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Doctors to discuss 'GPs de-registering patients'

Doctors will discuss the growing problem of GPs deregistering their patients to cope with the combined strains of low staff numbers and flimsy resources. The British Medical Association will debate the "critical shortage" in doctors later today.

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De-registered pensioner: 'It is a bit worrying'

A 95-year-old pensioner who was "de-registered" from her GPs because their services were overstretched said being shut out from her family doctor was a "bit worrying".

Lily Dove, 95, told Good Morning Britain she could remember when "the doctor used to come out and visit with a horse and trap" and said the Watton Medical Practice should have spoken to the services "before they got in this muddle".

Watton Medical Practice manager Mary Osborne said the decision to de-register Mrs Dove was "a matter of patient safety".

"We were informed by the local area team for NHS England that we could not be discriminatory and ask some residents to move and ask others to stay – that would have been unlawful.

"The decision was made on geographical area, where there is an alternative practice to cover a patient’s primary care."

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