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Labour: 'Major loopholes' in laws protecting children

The number of adults prohibited from working with children because of past sexual offences has fallen, according to Labour, who claim coalition changes to vetting and barring laws have "left major loopholes in the system".

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Govt: Changes to vetting and barring 'common sense'

The Home Office has hit back at claims changes it introduced to law which check and prevent sexual offenders from working with children have allowed predators to slip through the net.

It remains the case that anyone committing the most serious offences is still automatically barred from working closely and unsupervised with children.

The coalition Government introduced changes to the barring regime to apply common sense levels, but if someone applies to work with children any serious criminal records or police information are still considered when checks are carried out and, if necessary, they will be barred.

The changes strike an appropriate balance between avoiding unnecessary intrusion into people's lives and ensuring that children and vulnerable groups are protected.

– Home Office spokesman

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