Man sues BA after flying to Grenada, not Granada

British Airways offered around £220 per passenger in compensation. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive

An American dentist is suing British Airways after the airline sent him to Grenada rather than Granada.

Edward Gamson from North Bethesda, Maryland, was planning a quick stop off in the Spanish city ahead of a planned conference last September.

However, he ended up in the Caribbean and claims he didn't notice the error because his e-tickets did not mention the airport code or flight duration.

According to NBC News, Gamson says he asked the flight attendant twenty minutes into his journey from London why the flight was heading west, when he was told he was on his way to the West Indies.

BA offered him and his partner around £220 and 50,000 air miles. However, Gamson decided to sue, saying the cost of missed hotel, train and tour bookings had cost him more than $34,000 (£20,000).

The airline says it will not comment on the ongoing litigation, while the company's lawyers did not respond to NBC's calls for a response.