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Labour: 'Major loopholes' in laws protecting children

The number of adults prohibited from working with children because of past sexual offences has fallen, according to Labour, who claim coalition changes to vetting and barring laws have "left major loopholes in the system".

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Parents and schools need 'confidence in vetting system'

Parents, schools, sports clubs and other organisations caring for young children need to have "confidence in the vetting and barring system" so they know employees pose no threat to youngsters, the Shadow Home Secretary has said.

Yvette Cooper hit out at Home Secretary Theresa May who she claimed was "warned repeatedly" that changes she made to vetting and barring laws "left major loopholes in the system".

Parents want to know that if someone has committed serious abuse against children or has a history of grooming or sexual abuse, they will not be allowed to work with children.

And schools, sports organisations and other groups need to be able to have confidence in the vetting and barring system.

Child protection is immensely important and it must not be put at risk because of faulty legislation or failures in the Home Office system.

– Yvette Cooper

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