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Government to act on zero-hours exclusivity clauses

Companies which use zero-hours contracts but then prevent employees from working elsewhere will face a Government clampdown, the Business Secretary has announced. Vince Cable intends to ban exclusivity clauses, which tie people to one employer.

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Banning exclusivity clauses 'misses bigger picture'

Britain's biggest trade union has criticised the Government's decision to only ban exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts.

General Secretary Dave Prentis said zero-hours workers were unable to secure credit, loans, or mortgages because of the uncertainty created by the employment tactic.

Banning exclusivity clauses misses the bigger picture for workers on zero hours contracts.

They leave workers not knowing day to day, week to week, what work they will get and what money they will have coming in.

It makes planning impossible and leaves workers unable to get credit, loans, mortgages or rental agreements. The uncertainty damages their family life and health and well-being.

– Dave Prentis

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