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Two-week waits for GP 'could soon be standard'

Patients may have to get used to waiting two-weeks to see their GP, a health chief has warned. Dr Chaand Nagpaul, who chairs the general practitioner committee for the British Medical Association, said GP services were "imploding".

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GPs waning under 'mismatch' in demand and resources

GP services are crumbling under the "total mismatch" between a sharp rise in the number of patients needing appointments and the NHS' shrinking capacity to provide care, a health expert warned.

The BMA's Dr Chaand Nagpaul explained:

What we are witnessing is a total mismatch between the rapidly rising demands on GP appointments and a shrinking capacity to provide that care.

Waiting times are inevitably getting longer because the increased demand has not been matched with increased capacity.

GPs will rightly prioritise urgent problems, what is being squeezed are patients with routine problems....

It's common that patients wait over a week, some two weeks. The Royal College of GPs have done a survey which shows that waits will increase to two weeks in a large number of practices in the coming year.

– Dr Chaand Nagpaul

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