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Two-week waits for GP 'could soon be standard'

Patients may have to get used to waiting two-weeks to see their GP, a health chief has warned. Dr Chaand Nagpaul, who chairs the general practitioner committee for the British Medical Association, said GP services were "imploding".

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Patients face 'two week wait for GP appointment'

A two-week wait for an appointment to see the family doctor may become commonplace, as GP services are "imploding", a health chief warned.

GP services are so overwhelmed, patients will face a two-week wait to see the doctor as standard, experts warned. Credit: PA

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, who chairs the British Medical Association's (BMA) general practitioners committee, warned patients would suffer because of rising demand on GP services and "disinvestment".

Instead, patients will have to wait a fortnight as standard before they can see a GP, he said.

Dr Nagpaul also warned of toll the "conveyor belt of care" took on GPs as they try to see as many patients as possible.

Speaking to the BMA's annual representative meeting in Harrogate, Dr Nagpaul said that in the last five years the number of patients seen by family doctors has increased by 40 million each year.

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