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'No forensic evidence' that 90-year-old was raped in Rochdale

No forensic evidence has been found to confirm that a 90-year-old woman was raped in Rochdale, police have said.

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Police appeal after 'horrific rape of 90-year-old woman'

Police have appealed for help in identifying a man responsible for the rape attack of a 90-year-old woman in Rochdale yesterday morning.

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Superintendent Alistair Mallen from Greater Manchester Police said:

I am sure the entire community will share our revulsion at this. The victim has been through an horrific ordeal and we are all hoping she can make a full recovery.

I now want people, including the criminal fraternity, to imagine if that had been your mum or grandma. I want to harness these feelings and use them to help the police do their job - catch this man and put him before the courts.

So, this happened in a busy part of town at the start of a normal working day. Did you see the lady walking down Spotland Road before 7am yesterday and, if so, did you see anyone else nearby.

It may not have struck you as significant at the time, but please, if you saw anything or anyone that you think could be relevant then please call the police.

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