Supreme Court Judges to rule on 'Right To Die' cases

The UK's highest court is expected to give its decision on right-to-die cases later today.

Tony Nicklinson passed away after losing a High Court bid to change the law on assisted suicide. Credit: PA

Nine judges, headed by court President Lord Neuberger, will rule on what has been dubbed a "super-case" - three cases rolled into one which want the law on assisted suicide changed.

One legal battle has been brought by the widow of the late Tony Nicklinson, who has joined forces with severely disabled Paul Lamb, a lorry driver who was paralysed from the neck down in a car accident and a locked-in syndrome sufferer "Martin".

Speaking at the start of the case in December last year, Jane Nicklinson said she was "hopeful" there would be an outcome in her favour and said it was "quite significant" the case would be heard by nine judges, opposed to the usual five.