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Savile report: Police probing link to child death at care home

Police are investigating an allegation published in a University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust report that links Jimmy Savile to the death of a young girl at a children's care home near Loughborough in the 1960s.

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Broadmoor: Report likely 'underestimates true picture'

While fewer people have alleged sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile at Broodmoor than at other institutions, the hospital confirmed that today's report is "likely to represent an underestimate of the true picture."

Patients were strongly discouraged from reporting at the time, and carry that legacy now, while many understandably simply wish to forget their time in Broadmoor.

Given the obvious difficulties for former patients, the surprise that so many did find the courage to come forward.

...There seems to us no doubt that Savile was an opportunistic sexual predator throughout the time he was associated with Broadmoor.

– Broadmoor Hospital report

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