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Older women 'have more surprise pregnancies than teens'

Women in their 40s are having more unplanned pregnancies than girls in their teens and 20s, a survey from a parenting website found. One in five of the over 40 women quizzed by Netmums said their baby was a surprise.

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More 40+ women than teens 'have surprise pregnancy'

More women over the age of 40 are having unplanned pregnancy than teenagers, a poll from a parenting website has said.

More women over 40 are having unplanned pregnancies than teenage girls, Netmums said. Credit: PA

The Netmums Getting Pregnant Report found one in five of the women over the age of 40 it spoke to said their pregnancy was a surprise.

However, of the 3,151 women quizzed by Netmums, only 8% said they had an unplanned baby as a teenager or in their 20s.

The parenting website pointed to the belief fertility "fell off a cliff" at 35, leading women to become less vigilant with contraception.

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