Hero's welcome awaits Suarez as he flies home

Crowds of Uruguay fans are waiting for Luis Suarez in the capital Montevideo as he returns home following his biting controversy.


"Ole ole olé, cada día te quiero más... Soy celeste, es un sentimiento, no puedo parar!" http://t.co/RDAYTyIOcX


According to a journalist from El Pais Uruguay, supporters inside and out of the airport chanted songs, with one even mocking England fans.


Uruguay espera así la llegada de Suárez en el aeropuerto. Mucho cántico, mucha bandera! http://t.co/vwiMo6Waz6


"And you see it, and you see it, who does not jump is an Englishman," goes a rough translation of the song reportedly being sung.


Adentro del aeropuerto también está lleno de hinchas esperando a Suárez. La gente corre de un lado a otro. http://t.co/2YS3AeMZ35



Venezuelan president weighs in on Suarez bite row

Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro has said Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez had been unfairly punished for helping eliminate Italy and England. Suarez claimed that he did not deliberately bite Italy's Giorgio Chiellini.