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Cameron: UK 'can do business' with Juncker

David Cameron has insisted he can "do business" with the new President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, despite having vigorously opposed his appointment.

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Juncker appointment 'impacts UK referendum debate'

The appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker to the role of European Commission president will have "an impact on the debate" around EU membership in Britain.

David Cameron has promised an in/out referendum if the Conservatives are re-elected in 2015.

However, the disregard of the Prime Minister's objections to Juncker's presidency may cause support for the EU to dwindle further in the UK.

We are realistic that that has an impact on the debate in Britain about the EU. That's what other leaders must realise...

What we have been saying to people is: 'You need to realise that there is a debate going on in Britain about Britain's role in the EU. It's not one prime minister, leading one party, with a view. There is a broad debate here, and you need to understand that political reality.

– A British Official

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