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Celebrities and politicians mark Armed Forces Day

Celebrities and politicians have paid their respects as Armed Forces Day is being celebrated across Britain. Meanwhile, David Cameron, Alex Salmond and the Princess Royal have joined thousands of visitors at the sixth annual Armed Forces Day.

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Cameron: Scotland benefits from united armed forces

David Cameron said Scotland said Scotland gets "the best of both worlds" when it comes to the UK's armed forces.

Speaking at an Armed Forces Day celebration in Stirling, he said: "We can consider what Scotland brings to the UK armed forces and what being part of a bigger entity brings for Scotland as well.

He added: "My message is always that Scotland gets the best of both worlds, and that's what we want to see.

"More power through the Scottish Parliament to make its own decisions, but also the benefit of being part of a larger United Kingdom with - one advantage - these armed forces which can help protect our values and keep us safe.

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