Icelandic girl denied passport because name is 'Harriet'

Authorities in Iceland have told a couple they will not renew their 10-year-old daughter’s passport on the grounds that she is called Harriet – which is not on a government approved list of names.

British-born Tristan Cardew and his Icelandic wife Kristin are appealing against the Reykjavik National Registry’s decision, which also does not recognise the name of Harriet’s 12-year-old brother Duncan either.

General image of Icelandic passport Credit: Reuters

According to The Telegraph, when the couple came to renew Harriet's passport ahead of a planned family holiday to France, authorities decided to enforce a law banning the issue of any official document to people who do not have an "approved Icelandic name".

Parents in Iceland must choose from a list of 1,853 female and 1,712 male sanctioned names when naming their children in order to preserve the language. If they intend to opt for something more adventurous they must apply for permission from the Icelandic Naming Committee .