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GP: Don't blame doctors for not spotting cancer

Naming and shaming doctors for missing cancer symptoms is "not going to make any real difference," one GP told ITV News.

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Patient: Publicise GPs who misdiagnose cancer

A cancer patient whose GP failed to diagnose the disease three times told ITV News' she would support the naming and shaming of doctors who continually misdiagnose people.

Rachel Bown said: "I've been lucky that I was picked up on the third time when I look at a lot of my friends who have been much less lucky than I have and a lot have now died."

She added that it was absolutely vital to publicise GP's who continually misdiagnosed.

"I think anyone can make a mistake once or twice," she said, but if it was a continual thing she would "definitely support" naming doctors.

She added that patients need to be clearer about their symptoms. GP's have to be a lot more probing and the government needed to provide more funding.

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