Giant '20kg' jellyfish spotted in Cornwall

The giant barrel jellyfish spotted in Cornwall. Credit: PA

A giant barrel jellyfish thought to weight 20kg and measure up to one metre in diameter has been spotted swimming in an estuary in Cornwall.

The jellyfish, which are totally harmless to humans as their stings are too weak and survive solely on plankton, was captured on camera by Cornwall Wildlife Trust marine awareness officer Matt Slater.

Mr Slater said: "These creatures are incredibly beautiful when you get a close look at them."

A closer look reveals its sticky mucus-covered tentacles. Credit: PA

The Marine Conservation Society said it had received reports of jellyfish being spotted across the south coast and west coast of England, as well as parts of Scotland because of the warmer weather.

The last time large numbers of barrel jellyfish were seen in Cornwall was in 2002.

There have also been sightings of turtles in the south-west of England and the Wales coast.