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US tourists to stand trial in North Korea over 'hostile acts'

North Korea has confirmed it would be putting two US tourists on trial for committing crimes against the state. Jeffrey Fowle and Matthew Miller are accused of "hostile acts".

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American tourists face trial in North Korea

Two American tourists detained in North Korea for "hostile acts" are set to go on trial for committing crimes against the state.

The family of 56-year-old Jeffrey Fowle, a street repairs worker from Ohio who was arrested in May, issued an emotional appeal for his return earlier this month.

Fellow US detainee Matthew Miller was taken into custody in April, the same month he entered the secretive country.

Little is known about the 24-year-old, who state media claims ripped up his tourist visa and demanded asylum when he arrived in the country.

A statement from New Jersey-based travel agency Uri Tours, who booked Miller's trip, said his parents are aware of the situation, but have not spoken publicly about their son's arrest.

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