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European countries 'must help UK with Syria aid'

MPs have warned the UK cannot continue to contribute a disproportionate amount of humanitarian aid to Syria without other poor countries losing out on assistance.

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  1. Carl Dinnen

Cameron on collision course with critics over aid budget

The 0.7% aid pledge was in David Cameron's manifesto and I think the Prime Minister is quite proud that Britain is already the first G7 nation to hit the 0.7% target.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats also support the idea.

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The problem is there are a number of right-wing Tories, and others like Ukip, who don't think Britain should be spending what would be in effect about £12 billion on foreign aid and this puts him on a collision course.

I think right-wing Tory MPs will be trying to block this private members bill, when it comes to parliament in September.

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