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Over 65s contributed '£61bn to UK economy in 2013'

Workers who would be entitled to their pension contributed £61bn to the UK economy last year via employment, informal caring and volunteering, according to the charity Age UK.

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Contribution of over-65s 'redefines older person'

The £61bn contributed to the economy by over-65s "redefines what it is to be an 'older person'" according to Age UK.

Caroline Abrahams, charity director of Age UK said the usefulness of those over the age of retirement should not be overlooked, particularly as Britain had an ageing population:

These figures demonstrate the huge contribution that older people are making to our economy.

To put them in perspective, local authorities in England currently spend considerably less - just under £10 billion - on social care for older people.

Many will be surprised by just how much older people contribute but it's time we appreciated that they are playing a more and more important part in creating our prosperity.

Older people bring a great deal of knowledge, skill and energy, as volunteers and as paid employees, and in doing so they are redefining what it means to be 'an older person'.

– Caroline Abrahams

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