Families of kidnap suspects return to destroyed homes

The families of the men blamed by the Israeli army as being responsible for the kidnap and killing of three teenagers have been surveying the damage inflicted by Israeli Defence Forces.

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The families of Abu Aysha and Marwan Qawasmeh have been returning to their homes in the occupied West Bank. Pro-Palestinian activist website Mondoweiss accompanied the family of Abu Aysha, whose whereabouts is unknown.


Punitive bathroom trashing in Qawasmeh family house, home of the brother of one of the wanted suspects. http://t.co/yxqEW9uKgh


Hammer the army left behind when smashing the home of Marwan Qawasmeh, wanted suspect in kidnapping. #Hebron http://t.co/ZB7EASwAvj


More pics of the demolished second story of the Qawasmeh house. http://t.co/381gDEF5t4


Video: West Bank kidnap suspect's home blown up


Israeli police arrests six suspects over Palestinian teen killing

Six people have been arrested by Israeli police in connection with the murder of a Palestinian teenager, AFP reports. The death of Mohammed Abu Khudair, 16, followed the abduction and murder of three young Israelis.