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MPs urge Government to threaten Gibraltar legal action

MPs have called on the Government to threaten Spain with legal action over Gibraltar. The Foreign Affairs Committee called for a "more robust" response to incursions into British territorial waters and urged ministers to "get off the fence".

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MPs: People in Gibraltar feel 'under siege'

People in Gibraltar feel "under siege" due to the territory being the subject of diplomatic wrangling between the UK and Spanish governments, the House of Commons' Foreign Affairs Committee has said.

"The combination of direct pressure on its border and sovereign waters as well as

diplomatic pressure at the EU, UN and NATO, have resulted in a feeling in Gibraltar of

being under siege," the cross-party committee's latest report says.

The committee accuses Spain of "aggressive policies" towards Gibraltar and says the Government "has responsibilities toward Gibraltar and cannot ignore actions by Spain that are intended to make the lives of Gibraltarians difficult".

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