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Brits calling in sick 'costing economy £9bn'

The amount of workers calling in sick every year costs the economy £9bn, according to a survey from a major audit group. Accountant PwC found one in three Brits had "pulled a sickie".

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32% call in sick 'because of hangover'

Too much alcohol is the number one reason why employees call in sick, with one third claiming to be ill when really they are hungover, an international accountancy firm found.

According to PwC, people also called in sick because:

  • Some 26% were bunking work to go a job interview.
  • Another 8% were really watching a sport event - this rose to 13% for men.
  • A further 11% took time off work to enjoy good weather.
  • Some employees use very creative lies, including: I was attacked by ants.
  • One male employee who told his boss he had started the menopause.

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