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Brits calling in sick 'costing economy £9bn'

The amount of workers calling in sick every year costs the economy £9bn, according to a survey from a major audit group. Accountant PwC found one in three Brits had "pulled a sickie".

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Calling in sick 'costs economy £9bn'

It costs British business £9bn every year when employees call in sick, according to accountancy firm PwC.

British businesses lose out on £9bn when workers fake a sickness. Credit: PA

They found one in three Brits admitted to claiming they were under the weather to their boss when they were really struggling with a hangover, fatigue or family commitments.

Hangovers were the most popular reason for feigning illness, while the average UK worker clocked in seven sick days every year, PwC said.

While only 8% admitted to taking time off to watch sport, PwC said this figure could rise with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the Ryder Cup in Gleneagles this year.

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