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Manchester police: City centre 'too dangerous' after midnight

Police are wary of venturing into Manchester city centre after midnight, as alcohol has made it too dangerous to guarantee public safety, a police chief said. Inspector Ian Hanson said relaxed licensing had led to chaos ‘spiralling out of control’.

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Manchester city centre 'too dangerous' for police

Manchester city centre is too dangerous for police after midnight who blamed 24-hour drinking laws for creating alcohol fuelled mayhem.

Inspector Hanson said the police presence on the streets overnight was stretched thin by cuts. Credit: PA

Inspector Ian Hanson pointed to a more continental-style of drinking laws adopted in 2005 for the chaos "spiralling out of control".

Insp Hanson, 47, said he would no longer go into central Manchester late at night when the weekend drinking culture is in full swing at the city’s 300 pubs, bars and nightclubs.

Hanson, who chairs the local police federation, also blamed an overstretched force which needed more money and more resources to get the city centre back under control.

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