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Lib Dems offer one million carers 'no-strings bonus'

One million carers who look after sick relatives will be given a £250 bonus if the Liberal Democrats get into power after the next election, Nick Clegg has said. He said the bonus was "no-strings attached" and it was up to carers how they spent it.

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Carers save taxpayer 'more than the NHS budget'

Carers save the UK "more than the NHS budget" by looking after a sick relative or friend for free and deserve some sort of Government recognition, Nick Clegg has said.

The Liberal Democrats are promising a "no strings attached bonus" of £250 every year to carers if they get into power at the next election.

It is estimated that six in ten of us will at some point in our lives find ourselves caring for someone else - an elderly relative, a sick child, a friend who needs our support.

Obviously this makes a massive difference to the people being cared for - but Carers UK calculated that it saves us a whopping £119 billion every year - more than the entire NHS budget.

These are people who deserve our support even in these straitened times, which is why the Liberal Democrat manifesto will include a Carer's Bonus to give them a little extra help.

– Nick Clegg

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