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Israeli police arrests six suspects over Palestinian teen killing

Six people have been arrested by Israeli police in connection with the murder of a Palestinian teenager, AFP reports. The death of Mohammed Abu Khudair, 16, followed the abduction and murder of three young Israelis.

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Hamas rally in Gaza City after teenager's death

Hundreds of supporters of Hamas have rallied in the Gaza strip following the death of a Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem.

Demonstrators gather in front of a stage at the rally. Credit: APTN

There are claims that Mohammed Abu Khdeir was killed in revenge for the deaths of three Israeli teenagers whose bodies were discovered in the city of Hebron earlier this week.

The Israeli authorities say Hamas was responsible for the deaths of the three boys and have vowed to punish the group.

Palestinians wave the flags of Hamas at the demonstration in Gaza. Credit: APTN

A Hamas spokesman described the protest as "a condemnation of the Israeli crimes against our people in the West Bank and Jerusalem".

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