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Lib Dems offer one million carers 'no-strings bonus'

One million carers who look after sick relatives will be given a £250 bonus if the Liberal Democrats get into power after the next election, Nick Clegg has said. He said the bonus was "no-strings attached" and it was up to carers how they spent it.

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Lib Dems promise £250 bonus to carers

Around one million carers would be given an annual £250 bonus if they are looking after a sick relative, the Liberal Democrats have said.

The bonus is to help the "hidden army of carers" across the UK, according to Mr Clegg Credit: PA

Party leader Nick Clegg wants to double the carers allowance from £125 by the year 2020 and will make the pledge in the Lib Dem's manifesto for the 2015 election.

Mr Clegg said the extra money was a recognition of the "superhuman" work done by the "hidden army of carers".

A spokesman for the party claimed there would be a "fully costed manifesto" of the pledge, however critics of the scheme have argued the Lib Dems have not provided any details of how they would raise £280 million needed.

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