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UK airport security to be increased after US call

Security is being increased at UK airports after the US asked for tougher measures amid reports that terrorists are working on a bomb that could evade scanners. The Government said most passengers should not experience disruption from the new regime.

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  1. Robert Moore

US fear terror groups can access European followers

By ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore

I think the Americans see a perfect storm brewing in the Middle East - really a war within a war - as various Jihadi groups fight each other for relevance and supremacy.

The concern in the US for counter-terrorism groups is that either Isis or its rivals in terms of al-Qaeda affiliates might seek to gain notoriety and new followers by attacking the US home land.

I don't believe there's a specific threat the US intelligence has intercepted.

But there is alarm here that some of these groups have gained deep technical knowledge of bomb-making as well as access to European followers - those are individuals who may not need a US visa and who with relative ease could get onboard a US-bound airliner.

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