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Sleeping with your baby 'increases risk of cot death'

New mothers should be warned that sleeping with young babies is linked to a higher risk of cot death, health officials have said.

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Vulnerable families 'more at risk of cot death'

A leading child health doctor has welcomed plans to warn parents not to sleep alongside their babies as a way to reduce the 'absolute tragedy' of unexplained infant deaths.

Every case of unexplained infant death is an absolute tragedy for a family, and although rare, still claims the lives of around five babies each week - that's still five cases too many,

– Dr Simon Newell, vice president for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

He said that although co-sleeping is safe most of the time, the risks are higher when the adult is very tired, drunk alcohol, used drugs or when they have taken medication which might sedate.

"To address this, we need to help ensure that all families have access to safe sleeping guidance and resources,"he said. "And because we know that vulnerable families are especially at risk of Sids, we need a targeted campaign to promote safe sleeping habits."

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