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Imams urge British Muslims not to join foreign jihad

Religious leaders have called on British Muslims not to travel to Syria and Iraq to join militant groups, including Isis.

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Muslim leaders: 'Don't join militant fighters'

A gunman loyal to the ISIL militants waves the group's flag in Syria Credit: Reuters

Leading British Muslims have urged British followers of the faith not to join militant fighters in Syria and Iraq.

More than 100 imams signed an open letter urging against travel to join jihadists in the Middle Eastern conflicts, many of whom are accused of carrying out terrorist atrocities.

The letter, timed to coincide with the festival of Ramadan, called for British Muslims to support those affected by the Syrian conflict in a "in a safe and responsible way".

It comes after concerns about an exodus of sympathisers travelling to join jihadists, posing a potential threat to British security if and when they return.

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