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Rolf Harris jailed for five years and nine months

Veteran entertainer Rolf Harris has been sentenced to five years and nine months in prison for indecently assaulting four girls over a near 20-year period. One of his victims told ITV News he was a "nasty man" who took advantage his position.

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  1. Juliet Bremner: ITV News Correspondent

Rolf victim: I felt dirty and sordid because of abuse

By Juliet Bremner: ITV News Correspondent

The court has been read victim impact statements from the women who were assaulted by Rolf Harris.

The statement from a woman who was 13-years-old and best friend of his daughter Bindi, said that she felt "dirty and sordid" because of the abuse she suffered.

Rolf Harris is due to be sentenced for his crimes.

She said that the repeated assaults - some of which happened in the same room as his daughter - has left her with a legacy of alcoholism, panic attacks and severe anxiety.

She said "the knowledge of what he had done to me haunted me" explaining that the abuse went on until she was 29 because "Rolf Harris had a hold over me that reduced me to a quivering wreck."

She said that affected her relationship with her family, with friends and left her unable to communicate with the outside world, adding that he "made my world very small."

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