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Former minister in Scottish independence Yes vote

A former Labour minister has declared support for a Yes vote in Scotland's independence referendum.

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Huckfield: 'I want to support Yes campaign'

Former Labour minister Leslie Huckfield, who now lives in Auchterarder, Perthshire, said he 'wants to support the Yes campaign'

When I moved to Scotland in 2004 it became apparent that this is a country with a veritable passion for social justice.

The agenda in England represents the disintegration of many principles and policies to which Scots hold dearly.

I find worrying not only the coalition agenda under (David) Cameron and (Nick) Clegg but also that (Ed) Miliband and New Labour don't offer anything really different.

In short, I believe that an independent Scotland is an opportunity not only to free itself from Tories and a UK coalition agenda but also from the agenda of New Labour.

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