1. Becky Mantin - ITV Weather Presenter

Weather: Sunny spells and some showers

Not a bad start to the new week for much of the country; sunny spells and showers.

It's really just the east and southeast of England that will get away with a largely dry picture - although watch out tomorrow as it's going to be a very lively day of weather for you!

Showers dying away fairly quickly across much of northern England and southern Scotland through the latter part of the afternoon and this evening, whilst southwestern England should prepare themselves for heavy, at times thundery downpours or longer spells of rain later today.

A few showers will continue overnight but it will be a largely dry picture away from Northern Ireland where thicker cloud will bring some rain to you overnight.

Another day of sunny spells and showers on the cards for tomorrow with the heaviest, potentially thundery outbreaks expected across north eastern counties of England.