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1.9m grandparents cut working hours 'to provide childcare'

Some 1.9 million grandparents across the UK have to give up working hours, holiday time or quit their jobs altogether in order to help care for their grandchildren, a survey from three children families has revealed.

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1.9m grandparents took leave 'to care for grandchildren'

Some 1.9 million grandparents have been forced to give up a job, reduce their working hours or taken holiday to care for their grandchildren, it has emerged.

These figures suggest that grandparents have given a total of £8bn in the past year for a range of grandchildren's needs. Credit: PA

According to an Ipsos Mori poll commissioned by charities Grandparents Plus, Save the Children, and The Family and Childcare Trust, elderly relatives are cutting into their work to provide free childcare.

Expert pointed to the rise in childcare - 27%, as the root cause behind the growth in elderly childcare.

The survey also found grandparents were spending 12% of 1,000 on their grandchildren every year, with a further 17% spending between £500 and £1,000.

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