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One in 100 women having IVF 'suffer adverse incident'

One in every 100 women who use IVF to conceive suffer an "adverse incident", fresh data has revealed. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority found 500 to 600 mistakes were made in every 60,000 cycles of fertility treatments in the UK.

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'Grade A mistakes made' during IVF treatment

There were three "grade A" or major mistakes made by fertility clinics over a two year period, the industry regulator said.

HFEA discovered over a two year period starting in 2010 fertility specialists:

  • Gave one family the wrong sperm.
  • Another incident involved dishes with the embryos of 11 patients becoming contaminated with "cellular debris that may have contained sperm".
  • The final grade A error occurred when a member of staff destroyed frozen sperm from storage while it was still within its consent period.

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