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Warning over mental healthcare available to new mums

New mums suffering from mental health problems could be missing out on life-saving care because of an NHS postcode lottery, experts have warned.

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NHS has 'a responsibility to women's mental healthcare'

The NHS has "a responsibility" to provide mental healthcare to pregnant women and new mums, according to an expert.

Dr Alain Gregoire, chairman of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, said mental health services should be treated with the same urgency as other aspects of prenatal care.

In almost half of the UK, women still have no access to community specialist perinatal mental health services.

We would be horrified if there were no maternity hospitals, and general surgeons were doing caesarean sections in large parts of the country.

Equitable access to specialist care for women's mental health at this time is just as important and the NHS has a responsibility to ensure that this is available.

– Dr Alain Gregoire

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