Statue of Gandhi to be erected outside Parliament

Britain will honour Mahatma Gandhi - who fought to end British rule in India - with a statue of the political and spiritual leader outside the Palace of Westminster in Parliament Square, George Osborne has announced.

Mohandas K Gandhi, known as the Mahatma, was born in Pornader Province, India. Credit: PA

The Chancellor, who is in New Delhi on a mission to boost trade and political links, wrote on Twitter: "Gandhi was father of democratic India. Can announce we'll honour his memory with statue in front of mother of parliaments in Parliament Sq."

Culture Secretary Sajid Javid, who is leading a special advisory group to support the project, said: "Celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's reverence and greatness, a man who fought equally for everyone, in the form of a statue in Parliament Square is a fitting tribute.

"No matter what your background, history or religion, this statue will allow people from around the world to look upon him and appreciate his endeavour and successes for humanity."

The statue, which will stand alongside monuments to Nelson Mandela, Sir Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln in the square, is set to be erected next year.

Leading sculptor Philip Jackson has been approached about the project, which will be funded by charitable donations and sponsors.